Learning and Committed

You know that feeling when you realize it's time for a big change, but a voice in your head warns you that change is hard and reminds you that staying put is easier? In your gut, you know you need the change, even if it's uncomfortable. Still, that voice tries to talk you out of it, and you feel guilty about the whole thing. 
Ugh, that's a fucking complicated feeling. 
I had that feeling this spring when I was offered a new job. For six years, I'd been working at the education nonprofit SEO Scholars. Covid19 was terrorizing the world, schools were shuttering, and unemployment was on the rise, leaving my students and their families in a very vulnerable place. Of all the times to say goodbye, this definitely didn't feel right. 
As valid as those reasons felt to stay put, I couldn't talk myself out of taking the new job. And wow, am I glad. I joined Facing History and Ourselves as the nation was beginning a powerful movement protesting systemic racism, inequity and police brutality in the wake of George Floyd's death.
As a nonprofit that equips teachers and students to use lessons of history to stand up to bigotry and hate, Facing History's work is more important than ever. We help young people make connections between historical moments and current events and to become upstanders instead of bystanders. Through education, Facing History is working to create a just society.  
As a white woman, I am grateful to be part of the Facing History community, which is challenging me to continue confronting my own privilege against the backdrop of the legacy of slavery and white supremacy that has poisoned our country for hundreds of years. I'm nervous and I'm fumbling through this process, but I'm learning and I'm committed. 
So yah, change is hard. But fuck, change is exactly what we need. So squash that voice casting doubt in your head and find your community of upstanders. Let's change the fucking world. 

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