Fuck, I'm Grateful: A Covid 19 inspired gratitude list

  • Fuck, I’m so grateful for soooo many things.
  • I’m so fucking grateful every morning when I open my eyes to another day. 
  • I’m so fucking grateful for the opportunities this season has brought us — the vulnerable and honest conversations, the sense of community deepening, the way everyone is showing up for themselves and each other.
  • I’m so fucking grateful for my Untamed Sunday Cheetahs — the accountability group that turned into a book club that turned into a sisterhood, where every week we meet at 10 am to discuss a book, but really through tears, honesty, laughter — and even an extremely memorable Lizzo dance break — we talk about and support each other through life.
  • I’m so fucking grateful for how connected I feel to my parents and immediate family — the daily Marco Polo app check-ins where my dad shares his new healthy lifestyle changes & we all check in about our days.
  • I’m so fucking grateful for the friends and family who have been so present in my life and have held me in some tough moments this season — through heartbreak, uncertainty and grief — and held space for all my tears. 
  • I’m so grateful to be teaching online! Because FUCK, I miss SouCycle and what we do in that room, but DAMN it’s been the biggest gift to still move and connect and sweat with some of my favorite humans and now, even new connections & friends!
  • And fuck, I am so grateful that I have done THE WORK, and continue to do the work — being able to sit and sift through and stay curious about all of the thoughts and feelings that come up. To be able to hold myself in nonjudgement, to be able to give my own damn self a hug when I’ve needed it. 
  • I’m grateful to Sift Cupcakes, who btw, have excellent cupcake to frosting ratio, and were definitely called upon MULTIPLE times during this fucking pandemic. And yes, they were delicious, and yes I ate many, and also, I am thankful to have done enough work to know when I’m eating for pleasure or when I’m eating to soothe, and realize that after awhile, what I really need is rest, a cry sesh, or a loving conversation with a friend.
  • And I am so fucking grateful to be able to hold all that is happening — yes, there is collective pain and it’s hard and it hurts, and we can also turn collective pain into collective and personal healing. How beautiful is that? What a gift, and what an assignment we have been given as humans! 
  • So basically, what I’m saying, is yes, I’m fucking grateful for it all — this wild, big life where we’re all learning, growing, falling, rising, shining, and evolving — TOGETHER. 

Molli Sullivan

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