MAY 25, 2020

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'Brothers in Arms' is released as one of the first albums to be directed towards the CD market. And so the walk of life begins.


Happy birthday Lauren Hill. If you didn't spend your entire senior year of high school driving around blasting 'that thing', what were you doing?


For the first time ever the top 5 positions on the US singles chart were held by female artists. Is this not the best list you've ever seen?!
Don't worry we made a new mix tape so you can remember this all week long.


'The Hills' debuts on MTV. whether or not you're admitting that you watched this religiously, we know it made you cry a river of mascara tears.

New Mix Tape is here. More classics. More dancing. More tears.


May 28th is national hamburger day. Meet Carla Lalli Music (cookbook author and editor at large of Bon Appétit) and her ridiculously delicious smashburger. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served.


A beautiful book about a writer's experience in writing, loving and living. It is a great reminder to keep doing what you love, no matter the struggle and that stories don’t need major moments to be compelling, life is just enough.


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