JUNE 15, 2020

It's forever different now, and it’s about fucking time.



This year marks the 155th annual Juneteenth celebration, a day commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. As of June 2020, 47 states along with the District of Columbia recognize Juneteenth as a holiday or observance. This year the NFL and companies like Nike and Twitter have declared it an annual holiday. But still, despite many efforts made by congressional representatives, activists, and organizations, the fight to make this a national holiday remains.

Another line on the mandatory to do list.


Susan B. Anthony was tried and fined $100 after being arrested in 1872 for voting for US president. This sparked anger in many and brought national attention to the suffrage movement. A great reminder that we are all capable of creating significant change. Thank you Susan. 


Smiling is still important. So are hammer pants. MC Hammer's "U can't touch this" peaks at #8 on the charts. 


It's also ok to ugly cry. Bryan Adams releases "(Everything I do) I do it for you" which went on to be song of the year in 1991.

Definitely worth tryin' for. 


Baratunde Thurston explores the phenomenon of white Americans calling the police on black Americans who have committed the crimes of... eating, walking or generally "living while black." In this profound, thought-provoking and often hilarious talk, he reveals the power of language to change stories of trauma into stories of healing while challenging us all to level up.


Watermelon and red soda water are the oldest traditional foods served in celebration of Juneteenth. In honoring this holiday we wanted to share a delicious Watermelon Arugula salad from the one and only Ina Garten.

Barefoot brilliance.


don't stop.






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